Android 10 Easter Egg
Android 10 Easter Egg

Google Releases Six Beta Versions of Android Q without Easter Egg Version Officially Update. It wasn’t until September 3, when the final version landed, that we finally got to see the Android 10 Easter egg running on the Pixel device.

Instead of moving circles with psychedelic colors, Android 10 Easter Eggs takes you to a page with the spelling “Android 10”. However, sort the numbers to look like the “Q” logo and then tap the screen a few times to take you to the square grid. And android q easter egg is very popular.

We will continue to update by adding new ones like Google!Before we start the list, you can experience virtually all Easter eggs yourself with this Inder Easter Egg app on the Google Play Store. It has almost perfect entertainment from Android 2.3 Gingerbread via Android 10 h

Why you can trust Pocket-Lint

(Pocket-Lint) – Google is especially known for laying Easter eggs oval with Android versions. Through taps and gesture sequences, you can find a secret subject, a little confusion, or something that is just distracting.

The process is similar to the latest Android versions, but usually, you have something to trip.

Android 11 Easter Eggs

Like what has happened in the past, the latest version of Android has two parts of the Easter egg. Another process takes you to the hidden ’11’ logo and then to the game you can play. This year, we see the return of the Neco cat that first appeared on Android Nougat.

Follow the steps below to get started with:

That’s right – the famous clip of the spinal tap mockery is paid homage where the lead guitarist displays his amp, which goes all the way towards ’11’, but it’s louder than going to 10.

All you have to do now is add something called “Cat Controls” to your shortcut in the power menu. So, press and hold the Power button on the control screen.

To play, you swipe across water bubbles to fill it, tap the bowl of food or tap the toy and they will attract a virtual cat.

When this is done, you play the waiting game, and at the end, you will get a notification to know that a cat has arrived, complete with its cat number.

Android 10 easter egg

The process of Android 10 starts just like other easter egg android 10. Note that Android 10 was formerly called Android Q because that’s where it runs.

  • · Go to Settings> About Phone> Android version.
  • Click on the Android version to open that page, then repeatedly on “Android 10” until a large Android ten logo page is opened.
  • ·These elements drag around the page, but when you press on them, rotate, tab, and hold, and they start to spin.
  • Drag 1K to create the Q logo – it will snap into position when That is in the right place
  • · Tap the cue logo a few more times, and you will open the nonogram game.

android 10 nonogram is a game where you fill in the squares on the grid based on the side guide. It doesn’t fit quite well on the screen, so you may have to rotate your PhonePhone to see both axes. You’ll then be able to draw pictures of it – wait for it – the Android system icon. Yes, it’s not a floppy bird. It certainly is

Android P easter egg

The Android P Easter egg uses steps 1 and 2 above to access it in the same way as other Android Easter eggs. This will open a brightly colored P logo. The PhonePhone unlocks a bit so that it changes flash and color. But Pixel owners have one more step. If you tap on P a few more times, you can go to a drawing app so that you can do some doddrills. Why? Good question.

Android O “Oreo” easter egg

As already mentioned in the settings menu, your first step is to scroll down until you reach “About Phone”, tap it, and look for “Android Version”. If you press this option repeatedly, you will find Android and a screen showing the logo on your wallpaper.

Repeat the “O” several times at the top, now tab and hold, and you  say soda a black octopus onscreen. You can now drag the octopus around the screen, pick it up, drop it, make noise with it.

Android N “Nougat” easter egg

You can get Nougat Easter eggs like Orio, but the real game is much more involved. Go to your Settings> About Phone> Android Version and activate the Easter egg as usual. Repeatedly tap on the Android version tab until “N” appears on the screen.

Swipe from top to bottom of the screen to reveal your quick settings toggles and press “Edit”..

 Press your Home button and then quickly drag the Settings shade down from the top of the screen again. Now you should see the “Empty Plate” option. Tap it, and you’ll see an overlay with four food choices: beets, fish, chicken, and treats. Select one, then continue using your PhonePhone as usual and wait.

When it works, you’ll get a notification saying “A cat is here” with the number of cats listed below. You can save a full-resolution version of the cat’s image on your device, or share it on all your social media accounts, just like any other crazy cat owner. Eventually, you’ll get a notification stating that a cat has snatched one of the treats. But that doesn’t always work, which is the core of the game.

Android M “Marshmallow”/Android L “Lollipop” easter eggs

Just before the launch of Android L, a huge hit game called Flappy Bird spread to the world of mobile apps. It was extremely popular until the developer pulled it off. Still, it was almost too long for Google’s Android Easter egg to inspire.

That is two versions of the Android OS, Now go to Settings> Settings> About Phone and repeatedly press on “Android Version” like the others. Now tap repeatedly and long-press on the displayed logo. Now, a mini-game should load. In the game, depending on which version of your operating system is running, your Android robot should tap the screen to help avoid getting stuck in lollipops or marshmallows.

Android 4.1-4.3 Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean was a two-stage Easter egg. The first step was to tap the graphic super jelly bean of the colorful jelly bean on top of your wallpaper by adding a pretty little smiley face. There is no way to win the mini-game, and there are no real points. However, you can tap and interact with the floating jelly beans sliding around the screen.

This is the first Android Easter egg that you can access outside the Android version box. The bean-flinger game was a daydream. It realizes because the featured jelly bean was the first.

This was significant for several reasons. It didn’t include BagDroid, although Google did the idol for Android Jelly Bean. It has more interactive elements, and this is a trend that we will see in later versions of Android.



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