5 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing eSports App

The eSports market is getting bigger each year. In 2021, the global market size was 1.08 billion U.S. dollars, which is an almost 50 percent rise from last year. Yes, it is a massive and lucrative industry but at the same time, it is competitive. You can’t ignore the increasing competition. If you want to start an eSports business or want to invest in eSports app development. You have to build a powerful and perfect eSports application that can outperform the competition and get you immense business success. This requires you to pay attention to every aspect and avoid mistakes that may lead to low-quality app development.

 This article will let you some most common mistakes you need to avoid when building an eSports app .So that it can survive the market and attain excellent success. 

Lack of Research

An eSports app can build your brand recognition and generate enormous revenue, but only when it gets maximum downloads and used regularly. And this will happen when your eSports app offers a unique and enhanced experience. The app should meet the increased demands of users. Therefore, thorough research on your audience is essential. You must perform extensive research and analyze several aspects such as target audience, their expectations and needs, competitors, latest trends, and more. This research will help you build a more powerful, engaging, and advanced eSports app that can provide more value to the users and get you a competitive edge.

Not Making Most Out Of Advanced Technology Trends

Staying abreast of the latest technology trends and implementing the same helps you stay ahead in the competition and get a better user engagement rate. If you are not leveraging the emerging technologies, you might be losing a considerable portion of success. Technologies like AR/VR, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and more prove to be excellent weapons for beating the competition in the eSports market.

By offering AR/VR-powered eSports games you can take the gaming experience to the next level and get a massive user retention rate. You can also facilitate players to use Cryptocurrency for making payments on your eSports app. Moreover, with the help of streaming technology, you can enable players to watch live eSports matches on the same app.

Designing Complicated UI/UX

In order to get maximum user engagement and retention rate, your eSports app must be able to capture users‘ attention in the first few seconds only. This doesn’t mean you have to pour all the creativity and create something different. Of course, the interface design should be attractive. But, it should also be intuitive and user-friendly. Using too many complicated or new design elements may confuse users and make them leave the app. Try avoiding unnecessary images, buttons, and icons to ensure less complexity for users. Focus on creating a simple yet engaging interface using familiar designs so that new users become comfortable with your app much more quickly. The navigation menu should be clear and simple but should also match the app’s functionality. Moreover, you have to choose the color scheme wisely to make your eSPorts platform eye-catchy.

It is also important to follow platform-specific guidelines, such as “Human Interface Guidelines” for iOS and Material Design guidelines for Android.

Failing to Test Thoroughly

Launching your eSports app without testing it thoroughly can lead to failure. You can’t afford to overlook the QA step during the eSports app development process. Also, it is not adequate to get apps tested by the developers only. You must appoint dedicated QA professionals for beta testing your eSports app. Make sure all the app features, classes, and modules are tested individually and carefully. Also, perform functional testing to ensure smooth performance and UI/UX testing for better user engagement. Other testing strategies like regression, usability, security, and more can also prove to be effective for your eSports app. Such adequate app testing helps you detect and resolve problems early enough and avoid future stumbling blocks in your success path.

Developing an eSports App for Single Platform

Companies or entrepreneurs often decide to build an eSports app for one of the popular platforms. Of course, this is a wise decision from the budget and maintenance perspective. However, they lose a significant number of users using other platforms. If you want to gain immense success for our eSports business, you must build an app for multiple platforms. To make this cost-effective, consider using a cross-platform app development technique. A cross-platform solution will save much of your money while also letting you publish the app on both iOS and Android platforms. Also, you can easily add new features to both app versions.

However, you need to consider design guidelines and certain differences when designing an app UI/UX for both platforms. For example, Apple devices don’t have physical navigation buttons like Android devices, thus you must optimize the navigation for both.

On a Final Note!

By avoiding all the above mistakes, you can ensure better player engagement and retention rates for your eSports app. Also, you build a strong presence in the eSports market. But, make sure to seek assistance from one of the reliable eSports app development companies or developers, who are aware of the above mistakes and help you build a flawless app.


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