The TV series has forcefully entered the life of all of us. Their quality level has risen and has become a real phenomenon of costume. Some series have become truly global phenomena, and people from all over the world have seen them dubbed or in their native language (often with subtitles).

For those who want to watch their favorite series on the move with smartphones and tablets, even away from their home computer or Smart TV, there are now many options; in this article, we will delve into all the best apps to watch TV series.

Attention: most of the apps mentioned, for reasons of rights, are available in the territory of every country; to get around geo-blocks, you need a special VPN service. We have dedicated an appreciated guide to the best VPNs to see the services even abroad.

App to watch TV series for free

Among the Apps for TV series, some allow you to see episodes and entire seasons for free. The most known and used among the free apps in Italian are listed below.


This is a free app known for its large and important anime collection but offers some interesting British series. Among these, we can mention Casual, Phycoville, Little Britain, and The Office.

The use is very simple. Just download the client for Android or iOS, then start it and log in with your credentials or directly via Facebook (or tap to register, just a few steps).


Not many know it, but Rai has broadcast and still broadcasts many series of great interest. Such series can be viewed conveniently via the service app. It is also possible to follow the programming of films and TV series broadcasts.

The app not only allows you to access live and old programs but also offers different series. Unfortunately, the TV Series section has been replaced by the Fiction one, but there are still many contents (even if the international ones have strongly decreased). Ocean of movies is a website that has a large collection of new dubbed movies and shows. Also, you can download these movies from here.

Using the app is simple: download it from the Play Store or the App Store and then start it.

Mediaset Play

If you are interested in homegrown fiction instead of foreign TV series, then the Mediaset app for you allows you to review all the episodes aired for free.

In this case, the app’s use is really simple, download it from the Play Store or the App Store and then start it and access the series and episodes.


This is the best fork of TerrariumTV, an amateur project to create an alternative to Netflix and sites to watch streaming TV series. The app can fetch episode streams and subtitles from OpenSubtitles and start streaming automatically. It is not respectful of rights and allows you to see the episodes only in the original language with subtitles. We mention it in this list purely for reporting purposes. We invite you to use other license-compliant services. In any case, if you want to know more, do a simple Google search.


As in the previous app case, it is a community project but unlike TitaniumTV, however, it is not based on the streams freely available on the net but the torrents of the episodes. PopcornTime works well for popular series and a little less for lesser-known ones.

Also, in this case the episodes are in the original language and the subtitles come from OpenSubtitles. Some forks of the original project are also available on Android and on alternative stores for iOS. Also in this case, we have reported the news of the existence of the app but we advise you not to use it and for the details we invite you to do a search on Google.

Kodi + dedicated addons

Also in this case it is not a source respectful of rights but in its great versatility there are Kodi addons capable of taking the episodes from the best streaming sites and making them immediately available.

With this method Kodi becomes an excellent app for streaming TV series. The best addons for series in short are:

KOD: is an add-on full of TV series, similar to the old Stream on demand;

DIABOLIK441: it is an all-Italian add-on full of TV series;

THEWARRIORS: is a new add-on full of TV series, films and documentaries.

For their download and installation you can find more information on Google.

The Telegram Bots

Many may not expect it but some Telegram bots are excellent sources of links to stream ad-free TV series episodes. Often the quality is not transcendental but if you are satisfied with the standard definition (SD) you will find everything. Obviously, this too can be considered as a source that does not respect the rights, so we invite you to respect the law. To learn more about Telegram Bots, you can consult our in-depth study: The best Telegram Bots.

Paid app for TV series

Let’s now move on to a series of Apps to watch TV series that require a subscription (and that in most cases, you can test them in a free trial for 30 days).


Netflix is the service to watch TV series in streaming par excellence with an ever-expanding catalog (you can consult its catalog by following our guide). The price is particularly modest if it is divided into parts among friends; for this purpose, specific solutions have been created (see article on Together Price). In the Netflix catalog you can find everything: from comedies to dramas, passing through action and crime series. It is obviously easy to keep track of seasons and episodes seen.

Using the service is simple: just download the app for Android or iOS, log in with your account, or simply register a new one (the procedure is super guided), then you can enjoy the contents. If the gigantic catalog confuses you, you can consult our article on the most viewed series (including Breaking Bad, Narcos, Stranger Thingss).

Prime Video

Amazon’s video on demand service is great for watching quality series, even in ultra HD resolution. In our country, his catalog is becoming populated with important proposals. Prime Video is included with Amazon Prime and is available as an app for many platforms from Android and iOS, to FireOS, arriving at Tizen.

The use is very simple, just download the client for your platform, start it, enter your credentials and click on one of the numerous series available to start it.

Infinity TV

Many highly successful series can be found on Mediaset’s Web TV service. The service is very similar to Netflix, it only takes a few taps to register and to see the contents offered. There are series of all kinds and also some prominent names, such as The Big bang Theory and Young Sheldon.

If you want to try it, just register and you will get a free month. Usage is also immediate: just download the client for an Android or iOS device.


From Sky, here’s one of Infinity TV and Netflix’s biggest competitors: Now TV. This service also offers important TV series in its catalog. The service is famous for having the rights to the last few seasons of Game of Thrones. The app just like the others offers a subscription service, a good catalog and a cross-platform app.


It is a solution that allows the rental or purchase of TV series and films, so there is no monthly subscription. You can simply buy or rent the TV series you are interested in and watch it on Android or iOS.


TIMvision is TIM’s on-demand TV, it offers an interesting catalog not only of TV series but also of documentaries and films. The vision is included with some TIM rates and costs € 4.99 per month for those wishing to subscribe to the service separately.

Oreo TV:

Oreo TV for PC is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. This is an amazing app for live streams and watching movies. Everyone can sign up on Oreo TV and can watch unlimited movies for free. it covers all areas of amusement like entertainment, social and concerts streamings.


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