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Importance of mobile app design

Mobile App design is very important to drive a successful app and it is the result of an efficient User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. UX and UI include the look and feel of the app and it also emphasizes the presentation of the app. The job of the UI designer is to focus on the graphic design of the apps and UX determines the point of view of the user after they use the apps in their respective mobiles.

Top tools for mobile app design

It is very important to design the mobile application properly and in attracting ay so that it can easily enthral its users. So, there are various tools used by the mobile app design agency to design various applications to be used by the user.

Here is a list of 10 tools that can easily meet the app designing needs, by creating aesthetic pitches, screens, and workflow with ease.

  1. Sketch- Sketch is a vector-based design tool that usually focuses on the screen design and is used by most designers. It is a MacBook-based design app that helps in controlling the element of app design with exact numbers. Sketch is not limited to its function, rather it allows designers to redefine their previous works or use their creations in other applications by enabling them to export codes and presets.

  2. InVision- InVision is the most powerful prototyping tool that easily creates interactive mock-ups for the designers and they can easily share these mockups with their team or clients which is way better than sharing a screenshot or a PDF file. InVision tool allows the app designers to add animations and upload design files to convert static prototypes into interactive and clickable prototypes.

  3. Adobe XD-Adobe XD is a powerful UI/UX design and prototyping tool used for app building. It has amazingly fast speed and creates fidelity designs and also realistic previews. XD is more instinctive than other Adobe applications and it is also easier to use than other tools. XD also supports website wireframing and creating simple interactive click-through prototypes. Through this quality of the XD, elements can be easily created and the individual objects can be exported.

  4. Marvel-Marvel is an all-in-one platform that provides a simple and instinctive mobile application designing tool that allows everyone to easily create top-notch assets and mock-ups.This tool acts great during the initial process of the app designing process and allows them to synchronize their designs from other tools like sketch and photoshop. This tool is user-friendly and has a super-intuitive interface, it also allows dynamic image handling.  

  5. Origami Studio- This tool is designed by the developers of Facebook to design Facebook apps like messenger and Instagram. It is a free design tool that allows designers to rapidly build and share interactive interfaces. Origami has one of the best features to connect the designer’s iOS or Android device to preview it and they can also see live changes of their work while working with Origami Studio.

  6. Balsamiq-It is the rapid-wireframing tool that enables the developers to generate more ideas in order to discover the best solutions. This web tool allows the user to mock-up designs and ideas quickly. The Balsamiq tool has a lot of UI elements and this application is offered as a plug-in for Google Drive, Confluence, and JIRA. In case the designers are looking for the best and quick wireframe tool then Balsamiq is the best option because it is also flexible and convenient. 

  7. Hotgloo- This is also a wireframe and prototyping tool that lets the designers to create different wireframes for cell phones, wearables, and the web. It is super easy to use and allows the designers to create and share interactive prototypes with their clients and team and collaborate faster than ever. This web-based tool can be accessed anywhere and it works on a single wireframe project.

  8. Axure-Axure is a perfect tool for professional designers to create and design the app from start to finish while concerning most about the user experience. It is a quick way to make highly interactive prototypes that can be easily viewed on the web, on desktop, mobile, and tablets. It is a rapid prototyping tool with a drag and drop interface. It enables the designers to create custom controls by combining existing widgets or touch-like gestures like pinch and swipe.

  9. Build-Fire-This is an end-to-end app development platform with fully customized functionality that allows the developers to create a working prototype for the app they are designing. BuildFire comes with both cache facilities and cloud storage to manage PDF files, audio, and videos. This tool has every essential, a designer needs to create a fully functioning app that they can publish to the iOS and Google play store right from the platform.

  10. OmniGraffle- This is a diagramming and graphic design tool that is used to create mobile app wireframes. It features various design tools such as canvases, templates, stencils, vector drawing, grid guides and it also comes with a drag-and-drop interface to create specification documentation for prototypes and mockups. This tool helps the designers to quickly visualize the flow of the app so that it helps them to plan a hassle-free app development.


Mobile app development is a frequently progressing project in this digital era, which always requires improvement. So, the various mobile app design agency can definitely take their app designing process to the next level by choosing any of the above-mentioned tools and increase the ROI of their business. With these tools, the developers can see which one works the best for their team and they can easily monitor the progress every single day. These tools will help web designers to shape and change the web designs of the future and can make incredible work that takes the user experience to new levels. With every single day, the designers can create something new and very remarkable to boot with these creative designing tools.  


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