How To Recover Deleted Photos On Different Devices

Digital pictures have become an integral part of our lives and all of us save them for both professional purposes and personal memories. While we all tend to keep them safe and secure, there are instances where we may format our SD cards or accidentally delete the pictures. To lower the frustration of never getting the pictures back, we in this article will teach you how to recover deleted photos from different devices.

So do not panic and read the article to restore recently deleted pictures and keep your memories intact. The article will describe the effective ways to reinstate accidentally deleted images both manually and using the best photos recovery tool named Photos Recovery by Systweak Software.

How to Recover Deleted Photos On Different Devices:

Various workarounds are there using which one can easily recover deleted photos. We have tried to describe some of them but in most cases, one of the methods mentioned below will save you from the loss. While some methods may help you recover deleted pictures using the Windows own tools, in other cases you might have to install and use a photos recovery tool.

1. Restore Accidentally Deleted Pictures From Recycle Bin:

Recycle Bin as we all know is the place where all the deleted data is stored on a Windows PC. Recycle Bin stores the recently deleted pictures, files, and other data till the time it is permanently emptied. Below are the steps you can take to restore deleted images from the Recycle Bin:

  • Launch Recycle Bin.
  • Look for the pictures and other data you wish to recover.
  • Keep a track of the location of the pictures to be restored and then right-click on them and click on Restore.
  • One can also drag-drop deleted pictures to the desired location.
  • Simple wasn’t it!

2. Recover Deleted Pictures From Backup Files:

External or Cloud Storage is a popular means to save your data on the cloud to keep it safe and secure. It is always recommended to backup regularly so that you can easily access it when in times of need. Restoring deleted images from the backup made is an effective way to get your pictures back. Let us see how you can do this with the inbuilt backup and recovery tool on Windows:

  • Firstly, have an external storage device or media connected to your Windows computer to initiate a backup.
  • Navigate to the Control Panel.
  • From the Control Panel click on System and Maintenance and then click on the Backup and Restore option.
  • Post this click on Restore all users’ files or Restore my files.
  • Click on Browse for files or Browse for folders to locate or search the deleted pictures you wish to recover.
  • Finally, click on the Restore option to recover deleted pictures.

The given two methods are the easiest ways to restore accidentally deleted files from different devices. However, if you are unable to take advantage of these, we recommend you install the best photos recovery tool for windows.

Photos Recovery By Systweak Software:

Losing important and precious pictures is nothing less than a nightmare. Thankfully there are ways to restore recently deleted photos and one of the best means is to use Photos Recovery- the best photos recovery software in the market.|

Photos Recovery is a simple-to-use yet effective software that helps you reinstate deleted pictures on your Windows PC. It has an advanced scan engine that scans both local storages as well as external storage devices like SD cards, external drivers, memory cards, USB drives, etc.

How To Use Photos Recovery To Restore Accidentally Deleted Photos?

With Photos Recovery you can easily recover accidentally deleted photos with a few simple steps:

  • Download Photos Recovery and install it on your Windows PC.
  • Once installed, launch the software and choose either Hard Drive or Removable Drive from where you wish to restore deleted images.
  • Click on Quick Scan or Deep Scan and then click on Start Scan to let the software scan for the deleted pictures.
  • After the scan is done, the program will display a list of all the deleted images that can be recovered.
  • Finally, click on Recover to restore the deleted images on your Windows PC.

Benefits Of using Photos Recovery:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Different types of scans according to users’ needs. Quick Scan recover pictures that were deleted using Shift + Ctrl and Deep Scan scan for deleted pictures that were lost during a driver format and takes longer to scan.
  • Scan both external and internal storage spaces.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit).
  • Also available on Android devices.

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So, this was it guys, with the above methods you do not have to worry about losing the precious pictures. Simply follow the easy solutions mentioned in the article and learn how to recover deleted photos from different storage devices.

Want to know how to recover deleted photos from different storage devices? Read the article and know how to achieve it using both the manual ways and a photos recovery tool


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