The pandemic has surely changed the world for good. For good measure. Technology adopted as the way of life and within the year 2025, there would be life-changing decisions made in association with advanced technology. For example, even after the pandemic ends, you can still schedule a virtual visit conducted by a virtual doctor. And your smartphone can turn into a bank or a grocery shop and can even buy railway passes and stays at hotels. Smartphones in the future will not only have access to digital assistants like Alexa and Siri but also other highly artificially intelligent applications that are capable of doing much more than just forecasting the weather and auto searching the website for finding answers to questions.

For years, large groups like Facebook and Google which coined as the social media platforms that come out as a result of artificial intelligence have made us realise the capacity technology could have in changing our everyday lives. But as these social media platforms themselves claim. They are still in their early stages and they are still developing according to the needs of the people. Therefore, at this point of time. It is difficult to predict how social media platforms would shape up and affect in the upcoming twenty to twenty-five years. So, in this article. We are going to discuss how technology is going to affect our futures in the upcoming twenty-five years. These technologies certainly change our lives even more.

Some potential changes in technology that is going to change our lives in future

  • Space Tourism: As of now, we can fly over continents in a matter of a few days. But some companies are claiming that within some years we will be seeing earth from space. Without being an astronaut and that would be made possible by space tourism. Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and Amazon’s Blue Origin are trying their best to make space tourism a reality.
  • Electric Cars: The future will become greener and pollution-free In a bid to make the world a more beautiful place to live. The world will be switching to electric cars, rather than cars run by petrol or diesel. Some companies have already brought electric cars to the showrooms but still. Heavy investments are being made and companies are working on car batteries. That would last longer and also on the charging station infrastructure which needs more development.
  • Recycling and Re-engineering: One thing we will need to give a cleaner and greener future . Our new generation is to learn new ways to recycle and reuse and re-engineer old technologies. This scientific and eco-friendly approach will help you to minimise waste and save the world.


Faster broadband.Better gaming technologies, 5G connection, nanobots to take care of our health, the present is paving the way for reliable infrastructure which could soon make these things into a reality. These are a few ways technology could be changing our lives for good.


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