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Ford County moved to expand its digital business and introduced an app for cybersecurity.Ford set foot and advanced with the Mobile App Development in the field of cybersecurity.

iPhone and Android users can now enjoy the app on their mobile phones.

Neighbors stated regarding Fort Bend’s new app on Tuesday, “FBC is the Ford’s newest app for both android and iPhone users.”

The one who stated is the neighbor of Ford, who had the opportunity to see the app for the first time.

Purpose of launching the app:

In Texas, Ford County launched its app on Tuesday to communicate and share resources with the people living nearby. Judge George brought this up.

The FBC app is not only applicable for any disaster-type alerts from his office related to emergencies. 

Feasibility for the users:

This app is a new step in the world of mobile app development. Now, users can also view court sessions easily. Can carry out a conversation with any of the representatives from any of the departments present.

Irene Libra, a neighbor of Ford County, said that the app is quite informative, and much knowledge is getting through the app.

This app is not only for updates regarding Ford County only. This app in the mobile app development world allows the neighbors an advantage.

Neighbors can easily chat with the county judge, the departments and can also observe information that spreads confusion.

The app reveals how to vote, where I should go to vote, and where I should register? Jahan Tolliver is the assistant IT director of the County.

This app saves your time and helps users submit the documents required easily, request any public records, and not only this. Users can pay their bills with the help of this app.

Toliver of County explains that any personal or sensitive information will not go outside these walls. After submission, no one will be able to see it. Only the persons that are highly authorized to see those documents will view them.

County commissioners spent almost 700,000 dollars on this cybersecurity useful for American Rescues Plans in the mobile app development world.

Cyber-Attacks and its solution:

The need for this app is to reduce the cyber-attacks happening all around the globe. Robyn, the IT director of the County, told us that they knew they had to improve the County’s security.

Our IT department was under the umbrella of this whole plan continuously. The IT team developed and introduced two tools. The tools provided a better and effective way of communication between employees. George further told the media that the main aim of County app development was to provide better lives to our clients.

If users want to pay taxes in the County, if they want to see the jury or any court information, send a request for public records or submit documents necessary or submit any complaint to various departments.

This all is now possible due to the developed app.

Benefits are much more than expected:

Moreover, the benefits in the mobile app development world are not over. This app provides Covid-19 vaccination updates.

George convinced the audience by telling them that the app is highly secured and especially present for high security.

County employees will have the honor to utilize the app, and the number of employees is 3200.

Director of IT and Chief Officer Robyn further said that the persons in charge have discussed with every department regarding the type of information they had the wish to give to the public.

Furthermore, the County said that FBC would be highly useful during elections. Registration information and locations to poll will all get mentioned inside the app.

This app helps you find your county representative and district also.

No language barrier:

Moreover, officials of the County stated that this app in the mobile app development world has the advantage of getting translated into 100 languages.

This will certainly help every person speaking different languages belonging to different regions.

George is one of the officials who view the counties in Texas. He told the media that language can create barriers, and if there are multiple languages present, then the barrier gets broken.

It is the fact that the information can get spread as fast as the improvement in the technology is.

County further approved paying 125,000+ dollars to improve cybersecurity and to hire new IT employees.

One of the officials told us that the thing that keeps everyone awake is the stress of anything that can cause harm to us, and we had the time to prepare for it.

Next three months, many officials are planning to hire IT experts and to install equipment.

Availability of App:

This immense app is available on the Apple store and Google store for iPhones and Android users. This app came into creation under the supervision of a developer.

Further, the County also announced that it had bought one more URL, the second URL for the website. The URL is now officially “”

Due to complaints and responses regarding the email address and the long wording of the email. Also, due to the starting of Judge George. We were successful in achieving the domain.

To wrap it up:

Many apps are present in the mobile app development world. Few provide the best features to communicate with your loved one. 

Many provide support to games on your android or iPhone. But few, or we can say rare, apps are there to provide you security.

This app got developed after immense research of what the public requires and what will make the life of everyone easier.

Instead of wasting time in public and due to Covid-19 SOPs. An online app is present to help you stay away from crowds and to help you save time.

The County looks forward to preparing many other apps for the future.


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