Top 5 Wireless Headphones For Travel

Getting the train to your dream destination is not always so dreamy. Your dream bubble might get popped up by the hustling outer world. Having good companions like wireless headphones keep you going and are super handy to use.

The most important feature you should consider while buying travel headphones is their sound cutting feature. The person snoring next to your seat or a baby crying in the background interrupts your favorite songs or calls, or a podcast that you were intensely listening to. The noise-canceling headphones have made it easier to enjoy your ventures while staying in your own world. This can be frustrating when the airplane engine keeps buzzing you while having dreams of traveling with your favorite track on.

The good news is, these headphones are available at affordable prices in the market and stand to their quality claim. Here is a handpick of some of the best travel headphones for you which won’t allow the outer world to destroy your rhythm. 

Best Wireless Headphones to Try Out During a Head out

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless

The popularity of Sony’s wireless headphones is notable. This model from Sony has ANC that blocks noises from the background murmurs to heavy sounds of the engines. Its super durable battery life lasts up to 37 hours. So it’s a perfect pick for the longest flights. Listen to your favorite soundtracks through its bass-heavy default sound profile falling on your eardrum like a thunder!

Now come to the splendid feature, the headphones have multi-device pairing feature also. This makes it effortless for you to switch the audio from multiple devices like phone or laptop. It kills your time whenever you are in a hurry.

Moreover, a bulky design is taken as a con by many. They find this design less portable than other lightweight designed headphones. However, the headphones can be folded down to a compact form so that there’s no chance of any damage or scratch. 

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

The new model of Bose QC35 was launched as the name Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. They are lightweight with a sleek body and smart look. Their noise blocking audio quality is smartly packed in the premium body in eleven adjustable levels. They can entertain you for straight 20 hours of continuous use. Press a button and there you go with Google Asisstance or Alexa .

This model of Bose wireless headphones conquers all if you are concerned with a product’s outer features. The angled ear cups connected to the head band of stainless steel are comfortable and super cool to carry.

The Apple EarPods: Top 5 Wireless Headphones For Travel

The commuter headphones by apple with the catchy in-ear design are small wireless earbuds. They pose super-smart noise-canceling properties. They block the rumbling sound of traffic and surroundings. With a comfortable build, the body is smart and space-friendly. Listen from hip-hop to slow beats through their balanced sound profile. Turning up the volume won’t bother those sitting next to you as turning the volume doesn’t leak the audio.

The con here is the short battery life of 5 hours if used perpetually. So your long trips require recurrent recharging. But the charging time is so fast that the earbuds get recharged within an hour.

Razer Opus : Top 5 Wireless Headphones For Travel

Get the supremely designed ANC Bluetooth over-ears and enjoy similar perks of having the Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless. They are comfortable to use having 33 hours of battery life which drops comparatively slow as compared to others. The buttons and the carrying case are durable and easy to use.

They pose equal distribution of sound with accuracy and are versatile enough to allow different genres. A graphic EQ and presets in their companion app allow you to adjust the sound profile according to your taste.

Moreover, they minimize the sound of bus and plane engines through their great ANC characteristics. They kill low-bass noise.

The microphones cannot be counted into the ‘excellent’ category. So if you usually travel while taking phone calls, this may disappoint you a bit. Also, you can’t switch swiftly between phone and laptop, as they lack pairing with more than one device at once.

TaoTronics Sound Liberty 94

If you want to pick something that is budget-friendly, go for the TaoTronics Sound Liberty 94 headphones. They have remarkable ANC making it efficient to kill background noise. Now those distracting rumbles of airplane engines and buses are not a problem anymore. These affordable headphones cut the background chitter as well. So that you can hit play on the Lofi and feel the essence of moving in the air.

Coming to their outer features, the body is super smart and IPX5 for water resistance. They have touch-sensitive controls so now you don’t have to stop for a switch. The touch-sensitive controls will do it for you. This feature makes it super handy when you are in a rush or with multiple gears. Moreover, you can conserve their battery life while not using it by the auto-off timer.

Conclusion of Top 5 Wireless Headphones For Travel

So which one clung in your head among these super steady wireless headphones? The choice of these headphones is based on user remarks, quality, prices, and their noise-canceling features. These are the currently best headphones people are investing in for their epic journeys.

While selecting a headphone, keep your personal listening habits, and preferences above all. Don’t go for the myth that a pricey one will be better in quality. How your headphone becomes your best travel companion depends on your preferences. And cheers! You have the whole hotchpotch to choose the best fit for you!


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