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Vivo phones are very popular in the world now. It has become very popular due to the wide range of phones, from entry-level to flashing phones. Suppose you can’t unlock the bootloader of Vivo phones by mistake. If you have a problem with your device or forget the password and can not open the FRP lock, you need to use a tool for these. These tools are limited to Vivo phones.So in this article, I will discuss the Vivo ADB Format tool.

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There are two main tools Vivo phones. The first is the Vivo ADB Format tool, and the second is the Vivo flash tool. If you are using Vivo phones or computers, then you need to have Vivo phones and computer these tools. The Vivo ADB Format Tool is required if your phone does not have an official Vivo flash tool. The Tool covers all the necessary issues.

What is Vivo ADB Format Tool?

A small utility application for Windows PC. It is used to remove the pattern lock of Vivo phones. Vivo phones This tool is only used for various purposes. Its allows you to remove the FRP lock in just a few steps. Those who use Windows can use or run both 32-bit and 64-bit tools without any problems. The tools supports Vivo phones.

When to Use Vivo ADB Format Tool?

A few days ago, Google introduced factory reset protection, FRP. It used in Vivo phones and is recognized. The Factory, Reset Protection lock, has been using Vivo phones for many years. FRP or Reset Protection is what we use on Android phones. For the Google Account, lock and use the Google account password. After formatting Vivo phones and if you do not access your device, this called FRP lock. You can use the Vivo FRP lock if you want to remove it.

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Vivo uses Face Lock, PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint on everyone’s phones. It just does not work for the first time. Every time it’s always Facelock and Fingerprint reboot to start again and unlock and restart the Pattern, PIN. Google password must entered before formatting any phones. You can use the the tool to remove the pattern lock on Vivo phones.


Remove Vivo FRP Lock: many Android phones are a lock for his name brings a Factory Reset Protection lock only triggers is the device formatting and then. The tools helps to remove FRP locks on Vivo phones.

Support Vivo Phones: Supports The Tool to run all Vivo phones with MediaTek chipset. Most Vivo phones come with a MediaTek processor. This means that almost all tools cover phones.

Small and Free Application: a small Application and the Format of Windows in the two bits are working bits of two of the Windows 32 bit and a 64–o bit Windows. These tool computers do not take up much space, and the size of the tools is less than expected.

Remove Vivo Pattern Lock:  We need some authentication to protect our phones. We use different types of locks on our phones. Such as face lock, PIN lock, fingerprint lock, and pattern lock. After formatting the device to enter PIN or Pattern. We can use It if we forget the pattern lock of our Vivo phones to remove it.

Simple and Easy to Use: lets you manage without any problems. It has many advantages as small applications like a simple user interface.

How To Install Vivo ADB Format Tool

Here’s how to install yhe tools on your Windows PC / laptop :

  • First, download the Vivo ADB Format Tool from the download section above.
  • Open or extract the Setup file to start the installation.
  • Follow the on-screen commands to install the Vivo Bypass tool on your PC.
  • You must have the correct USB drivers installed to connect your PC Vivo smartphone. Your Vivo smartphone cannot detected with ADB Format Tool without proper drivers.
  • Connect your Vivo smartphone.
  • Open the Bypass tool.
  • Click the Remove FRP Lock button to keep your PC connected to your device.
  • The process of in vivo device FRP Bypass tool will completed in a few seconds.


Download Vivo ADB Format Tool now to remove any Pattern lock or FRP lock on your VIVO phones. Make sure you use this tool only for Vivo smartphones first.


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