Buying A Mobile

Buying A Mobile : There are many different types of mobile sets available in the market. These sets are mostly used for making calls and SMS messages. But most important is your requirement of what mobile you want for daily usage. whether you want for business use or just for making fun and daily routine life.

Despite this before going to market, mobile Price also is the major factor because different mobile companies update mobile technology in devices and raise their prices accordingly.

Here are some important factors that you should know about your mobile sets before you buying

●    Size & Display type

People who like news and their updates watch or get lost in the HD Graphic of the upcoming android games and movies you should consider buying such a mobile set that has a display size of 5.7 inches.

Besides this, if the user just for Whatsapp and read Facebook posts, a smaller screen should be more than sufficient

As far as display concern, there are two main types in Android. One is LCD and the second is AMOLED.but the main difference between them is the LCD screen is brighter and the screen displays content much better when the light comes directly on the set. On the contrary, the AMOLED screen offers sharper contrast and more saturated colors. However, after the passage of time and day-to-day technology comes updating, the difference between them is less noticeable. That said Full-HD, Full HD+.

●    Built-in Storage : Buying A Mobile

When finding your new android set in the market check the Ram and Built-in storage (internal storage). but keep in mind don’t look just sticker printed on it and says about the Ram. Take a look at preinstalled Apps and space is occupied. Although you can use your external memory option to enhance your storage capacity. but the internal memory should be recommended

●    Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important factors you should consider before you buy a smartphone. A higher number of mAh does not mean that its usage more than sufficient for a long time. The factor of long-time battery depends on its usage and technology component.

For example, you should understand large screen and high resolution consume more battery life. but the latest processor consumes less battery and retain a positive impact on battery life

Also, Quick charging technology must be count in it.

When all the technology components work combines, the performance should check out rather than just read the sticker printed on it.

●    Camera quality: Buying A Mobile

Mobile phone companies are paying more attention to camera quality .which is good for the user end. The number of megapixels, hybrid autofocus, optical stabilization, manual modes, special effects, and most important front camera features. Good mobile price camera is near to the digital camera.

Once again, I recommend you do not fully rely on the printed sticker. What the company has been said on it. The megapixel does not tell the complete description about its performance although, the integrated sensor, lens quality, and pixel size also should be count in.

●    Price compared with Spec’s

Nowadays in the market thousand of mobile prices has been varying just because of its specification and technology integrated into it. When you buy more specs you should pay more money. The decision in your, But be aware that for any mobile price range and compromise its qualities.

●    Software function

 Are you one of those who need a built-in fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, UV sensor? You can choose a complete range regarding its functions. Bypassing day-to-day software up-gradation and new features have been integrating by the manufacturer’s and increasing the mobile price.


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